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Two things have combined to make this so - the increasing affordability of fast, efficient personal computers, and the mushrooming catalogue of named asteroids pouring out of the Minor Planet Centre and into ephemeris software. The shops are full of labels! What we now have at our disposal pace those few friends who still dismiss the whirling contents of the asteroid belt as meaningless rubble is a multilingual Thesaurus burgeoning with the names of people, places, ideas, qualities, activities, objects, myths, sufficient to print identity-labels for virtually any chart you care to authenticate.

T he charts used for asteroid work are in certain ways far simpler than usual, since the most dependable and graphic descriptions are obtained from conjunctions and oppositions of appropriately-named asteroids to Sun, Ascendant, Midheaven and Moon. There is normally no need to work with any other planets or points with the exception of the Moon's nodal axis.

Where they differ most from other charts is in their multilevel approach. The use of what I term InterDimensional astrology is not arbitrary, but results from many years of study, experimentation and practice, which have shown up a genuine effect. The minimum requirement is to work with a double wheel combining the geocentric and heliocentric Tropical positions; this, as I am coming to understand it, portrays the apparent self and the real self respectively, and became very clear when working with the charts of the Nativity of Jesus.

Also necessary, and always interesting, is the addition of the Sidereal I use the Fagan-Bradley ayanamsa and the Draconic in a four-ring wheel.

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The reason for this is that there are many people, especially in public life or under the media spotlight, who are not expressing their Tropical nature but fulfilling their Sidereal role for most of their waking hours. This is why so many astrologers have wondered why the Sagittarian Winston Churchill appeared so Scorpionic - as a world figure, he was living his Sidereal Scorpio Sun. The Draconic becomes important when the life or event in question centres on issues of principle, and especially when there is spiritual purpose or karmic obligation involved. These matters may work themselves out publicly or privately, but their causes or motives lie in experience and actions of the past.

The lines, then, along which a moment signs its name in the language of asteroids, are chiefly the Tropical, Draconic and Sidereal Sun, Ascendant and Midheaven, Moon, the Moon's Nodes, and the Helio Earth. If a name or concept central to a chart has two parts, the midpoint of the two relevant asteroids should conjoin or square one of these main axes. The last, but by no means least transformation of the Lights, Angles and Nodes is calculation of the dwads, an old and valuable astrological technique now enjoying a timely revival.

T he dwad is effectively Fractal Astrology; it is the repeated division of twelve by twelve again to produce a full zodiac within each radix zodiac sign. It differs from the 12th harmonic, however, in starting the circle of 2.

Sun enters Scorpio

The asteroids themselves can be found in various ways. Mark Pottenger has produced ephemerides on disk of almost all named asteroids - of them at the time of writing back to AD that run under his CCRS92 program and are easily imported into Solar Fire; the online Swiss Ephemeris also has a complete database of asteroids, kept fully up to date; the late Neil Michelsen's company, ACS Publications in San Diego printed custom ephemerides for me some years ago, and probably still do though this would be expensive ; and the best astronomy software will run asteroid orbits back or forward to any desired epoch to your chosen level of accuracy, dependent on speed.

T he Astronaut Examples will best demonstrate the system at work and the truthfulness of its character descriptions, and the first takes us back to St. Asteroid Rosa also rises; he trained and flew with Stuart Roosa. Houses are also a source of great division between astrologers. There are quite some housesystems. Discussions about these systems can be pretty sharp. Of course, there are many more subjects where astrologers disagree: the zodiac tropical or one of the many siderial systems , the aspects which ones, orbs , hypothetical points and planets, new planets.

In fact, we only agree on the meaning of the classical planets and the first three modern ones Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. My point of view is that you can explain the great difference in methods between the astrologers only by seeing astrology as a mantic system. It does not depend on the right technique, even not at the right time, but on the right application of symbolism. Nevertheless, I think it is important to have an overview of astrological systems and techniques.


Symbolism also has to be based on a coherent whole. Inhibition of breath caused by tense throat, chest and stomach muscles is often a way of escaping strong feelings. We are all familiar with the way we hold our breath when frightened or shocked.

The effects of chronic tensions inhibiting breathing range from anxiety to loss of contact with our own bodies. While many have described the methods of pranayama, regulation of the breath, few have considered that these methods lack spontaneity and have no impact on the underlying tensions. It is, however, conceivable to escape the influence of merciless Time.

Astrological terms - dabbnercheckwordcal.tk

To do so is possible only to yogins capable of realising their identification with the different time factors. For such a purpose, the system of Kalachakra Yoga was devised. No ritual or initiation can bring this freedom. Initiation can only be an introduction to the work or a recognition that a certain stage has been reached. To become free is a heroic and dangerous task involving all the thought, decision and action of a human being.

First, we must become aware that we are enmeshed within this wheel and to do so must feel the extent to which our actions, thoughts and feelings are influenced by the different time factors. Each planet and constellation has its characteristic nature which we, in our egoism, presume is ours alone. If, for example, Pluto is strong and angular in our natal horoscope, we assume that the characteristics of detachment and withdrawal are unique to us as individuals.

We may not notice the muscular tensions common to all who have Pluto strong in their charts and we are probably unaware of the effect that this planet has on our breathing. We may act according to the dictates of this planetary tyrant all our lives and die without ever realising that freedom was possible. We will probably take pride in the characteristics of sensitivity and isolation that Pluto, in His mercy, bestows upon us.

It may be that all the neuroses and psychoses that humans are prey to have their origin in our unconscious identifications with celestial factors. To become free is to reject such identifications on physical, emotional and mental levels. Prana energy is unnecessarily bound up with muscular tension.

Freeing even the smallest amount provides more energy for the task of becoming free from Time. The tenser a person is, the less alive she or he feels. Conditioning moves swiftly from the intellectual to the physical level. The nature of consciousness allows identification with any time factor, whether it be aspect, constellation, planet or luminary.


The reason why we have chosen to accept the pattern existing at our time of birth is due to innate ignorance, according to Kalachakra Yoga. If we are microcosms, then, theoretically, we can access all qualities, all energies consciously. But the practice is harder as our breathing patterns are frozen into characterological forms, our muscles tensed in caricatures of the planets. The following paragraphs show how each planet affects our expression and contributes towards lack of feeling. There is a tendency to withdraw from difficult situations.

She or he feels that they do not really exist. Breathing is extremely shallow and restricted to the thorax. Muscle tensions are widespread throughout the body, but the ankles, joints and deep muscles of the neck are particularly tense. The face has the appearance of a mask, the eyes seem to be glassy. She or he lives in a state of terror.

Often, this is carried to such lengths that any social contact is avoided. They seem to stare into space with their staring eyes, the result of not wishing to look within and feel remorseful. Their chest may be inflated with pride, their knees may be locked for support but their thin legs show that they do not really have their feet on the ground. The muscles in their thighs are knotted, their shoulders are often overburdened with troubles of their own making. Because they give too much of themselves to others, it means that their own nature is lacking and this is often expressed by a lack of backbone and self.

Typically, they have soft features, a well modulated voice and a rounded form. Muscle tone is soft. The inability to say no militates against Venusian characters. They are taken advantage of all too easily, building up in their hearts a bitter kernel which is as poisonous, in its own way, as prussic acid.

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Her or his own body becomes a machine and worth is measured in terms of productivity. These are the bits and bytes of the mind which turn people into automatons and cause the surface of our lovely planet to be turned into a cremation ground. Measured by the standards of a Uranian, a human being is only useful if she or he is productive. This concept permeates western civilisation.

Uranians often give the impression of solidity, with tense jaws, cold eyes and a clumsy way about them. In a Uranian character we see a clear demonstration of the solar and lunar nature of the planets. Outwardly cold, these people are actually struggling to express themselves against the odds. It is their rigid body armour which prevents them and is their tragedy.

She or he spends much time enticing others and then fleeing. They are like will-o-the-wisps or slippery fish. Inviting questions, they then refuse to answer them.